Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last February, I broke my right pinky toe while walking back to my room in the dark while watching DR. ZHIVAGO & I was out of the running game for a while. Last night, I was watching S:1;E:4 of Star Trek: The Next Generation when I was walking back to my room w/ some juice and chocolate corks when I ran into a crate full of records on the floor and nearly broke my left pinky toe! Luckily, I don't think it's broken... maybe fractured though, it's not feeling too good. Anyways, I couldn't fall asleep because I didn't have any pain killers so I decided to watch the "most romantic movie of all time," according to the American Film Institute. AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER really was a nice movie and I was surprised to find that it was in color. I watched the whole thing & didn't go to sleep until about 3:30-4AM.

But, this morning the last bit of my long & horrible dream consisted of me loading up a 9MM pistol to fend off some intruders in a "house" when my gangster pal tossed me a solid white Colt .45 & I fired at the first person who walked through the door. That person happened to be my father & I hit him first in the neck, the gut, and then the right arm before I realized who he really was. I started flipping out & rushed him to an emergency room in some crazy future city hospital where elevators and were made of glass & my Dad just walked around behind me slowly bleeding out... until I woke up. I was extremely angry when I did wake up & when I called my Dad up he said the night before his ladyfriend had broken up w/ him over the phone because she was too afraid of the wonderful times they had shared. I'm not sure where a rendezvous at the Empire State Building & a crippled woman factor into any of this... so I think I'll hobble my freshly smashed toe over to the co-op & cut some cheese before it gets too late in the day to do anything else.

Padre also said that almost all of the ranchers out in West Texas had sold off ALL OF THEIR LIVESTOCK. Floyd West had been spending $500 a week on feed before he sold all of his cattle & goats. When my cousin Scott was visiting the ranch a couple of weeks ago he shot a bobcat that had wandered over to smell the BBQ cooking in mid-day. The cat walked up on them & was standing only about 50 ft. away, the poor thing. All the fauns this year have died because of the drought and all the does & bucks are starving to death. Texas is already seeing signs of the apocalypse.

Yesterday I went to Mt. Rainier w/ Rhett & Harper Jean, and it was very pleasant. Harper loves throwing snow balls at her Dad & hiking with a stick. It's hard to imagine moving back down to Texas after enjoying the NW summers for 8 years now.

Two days ago I bought 100 blank cassettes at the Olympia CCI Solutions. If there are friends who want a cassette w/ music on it please send me a message. I can't keep all of this music to myself.

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